Go outside: the first step in my printing process. Each print is inspired by photos I take while out on trips. I choose my scenes with intention and a story in mind.

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  • Carve

    Using sharp tools, I carve the block away - this determines which parts of the print will get inked in the final print. Think of this step as if I'm making my own rubber stamp.

  • Ink

    I roll ink over the block using a brayer. It's all about balance: too much ink and the finer details will be lost, too little ink, and the final print will be patchy. I use archival, oil based inks.

  • Press & Peel

    Using a baren, I hand-press the paper onto the block. Finally, I peel the paper off the print for the reveal. Most prints are limited edition, which means that I will print a certain number and then discontinue that image or ink color.

100% handmade

from start to finish. Any linocut print you receive is a true original. The beauty of printmaking is the unique differences between prints: no two are exactly alike. While I aim for consistency, there will always be subtle changes in ink coverage and texture.

About the paper:

Lokta is a handmade paper from Nepal. Artisans harvest the bark of the Daphne bush, and then turn it into a pulp which is spread onto wooden frames to dry in the sun - a technique used over many centuries. I love Lokta for its texture, beautiful edges, and natural inclusions.