Hey, I'm Kristin

Growing up, I spent my summers commercial fishing in Bristol Bay on a drift-gillnet boat, which is how the name Adrift Prints was born. Now, I set myself adrift in the mountains around my home of Anchorage, AK, gathering inspiration from my backyard to the backcountry. 

When packing for a backcountry trip, I consider what is absolutely necessary to bring and what will weigh me down. I try to bring the same aesthetic to my linocut prints: what is essential to understanding this landscape? How many details are necessary? I love print as a medium - particularly black and white - for its ability to make a bold statement with less.

With my work, I’m interested in exploring the intersections between landscapes and human connections.  Every print is inspired by the places I hike, bike or ski through, often with friends. To live in Alaska is an invitation to be in awe. With my prints I hope to communicate the feeling of being in a place that transcends a photograph.